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Besmo is the perfect friend for your dog

It is important to keep pets active by getting them involved in various physical activities. We offer the perfect robot toy which would keep your dog active and in a good mood.

Dogs get lethargic if they do not have something to chase and run around. Pets that are overweight have higher chances of developing cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, high blood pressure and various other diseases and the main cause of it is lack of physical activity. We offer the perfect robot toy which would keep your best friend active and in a good mood. This robot toy comes with five sense testing mechanism. It works on smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, encouraging your dog to use his/her five senses to perform tasks. In return, a snack is offered.

Dogs go into depression if they are lethargic and lack physical movement. With the quality toy robot that we offer, they stay active both mentally and physically.

This toy robot uses artificial intelligence as a part of the technical infrastructure. We have a highly experienced team of artificial intelligence engineers, software developers and other technical personnel who have worked to come up with this state of the art toy robot. Along with that, the R&D (Research and Development) team works to improve this venture in every way.

Help with separation anxiety

Dogs go into separation anxiety when they are separated from their owners. Even if you leave them alone after walking them for an hour, they start getting anxious after a time period of 20 minutes. With this incredible robot toy, your dog would stay busy for around 30 minutes even if he/she suffers from separation anxiety on a slight scale.

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