About Us

Besmani is a start-up organization whose vision is to create the finest technology for all. Besmani is comprised of a group of diligent engineers and designers located in Southern California. Members of our group met each other in university twenty years ago and continue to work on innovative projects together. At Besmani, we strive to give better service to customers.

Besmani will provide and develop robotic designs for everyday home use. Additionally, we design and sell personalized software, hardware, and parts to suit all your company’s needs. Our development also spans out to creating new training techniques by using movies, images, and graphics.

Description of Business

Besmani is a design and technology company which focuses on designing robots for all purposes. Besmani is able to design multipurpose robots with its skilled specialist.
Besmani is also working on art and graphic design which is mixing with technology makes a new door for future of robotics. Technology beside of art can make a new type of robots who able to do multifunction job in beautiful shape.
Besmani starts to use science, art, and technology to make a beautiful and colorful world. It is using recycling or abandoned gadgets to make new devices that help our Earth being green and clean.
Experts in arts, designing, science, engineering, technology, management from around the world are helping us to make a robot by your home goods. That’s name is Besmo and suppose to help everyone at home or business, even people with Physical disability.


We convert your idea Into a reality.

At Besmani, we employ accomplished specialists with over twenty years of experience to design robots for all purposes. Besmani also works on art and graphic design in combination with technology to make the futuristic elements in present robotics a reality.

Let’s Get Creative!


We make robots, sell parts, and have robotics training courses and events in Sothern California.

2D & 3D Modeling Services

2D & 3D Architectural , Handmade modeling and consept services,


Develop Website, Application, Software, E-commerce, and Automation.


We provide product research and development, personalized industrial design, and 2D/3D modeling for your business. We also specialize in developing new hardware and software systems for your company.