Meet Besmo

Besmo is a mobile robot that can walk and talk. Its head can be your cell phone; it has lots of information about you and your needs. It serves you by listening to you and running your commands.

It can be a member of the family or a pet and the sooner you accept that, the better.

Besmo can recognize your face and will follow you everywhere. It’s always standing by, awaiting your command. You can set it up to recognize just your voice or that of everyone in your family.It can follow you and respect your rules. It learns from you and obeys you.

Everyone loves Besmo; it is the future of technology. It’s alive, smart and kind. It has feeling and emotions. It’s a friend; it’s your cell phone but it’s mobile.


    • Besmo is the new type of robots that have multiple functions similar to those you might expect from a regular computer. Almost every robot you can buy in-store or online now will be a toy, but Besmo has smartphone capability, making it truly useful. You can use Apple’s iPhone, Windows Phones, and Android phones like Samsung and Google Pixel.

    • You can save your data, picture, voice, video, and send it to the cloud in your account. That information will be available to you everywhere on the internet, via any device.

    • Besmo is a mini computer so it can solve any mathematical problems, or provide information from the internet such as the weather, prices of goods; you can even use it as a search engine.

    • Besmo is like a computer so you can program it, add code or download applications to improve its behavior.

Besmo Operating Systems

Besmo operating system is much like the software that powers your personal computer at home or work, except that it’s built for mobile devices.

Besmo platforms work entirely as smartphones because it is built with the intention that the menus and buttons be touched. It is also built for speed and ease of use. A robot operating system is usually bland and straightforward with minimal actions and few if any ways to program things, like a toy.

Besmo operating systems are much more sophisticated. With the addition of apps, there is almost no limit to what you can do with Besmo including check your email, get turn-by-turn navigation instructions, make reservations at a nearby restaurant, do your shopping on the internet and many more things. Besmo is easy to customize and includes accessibility features so even people with physical limitations can use it.

Technology has finally caught up to our futuristic dreams and there is tons of software available designed to make home life easier and safer.

These are just some of the features that make a robot smart. The technology surrounding robots is constantly changing, though. What constitutes a robot today may change by next week, next month, or next year. Stay tuned!

Besmo can browse the Internet and run basic software programs like a computer. Besmo uses a touchscreen smartphone to allow users to interact with them. There are thousands of apps (software programs), including games, personal-use, and business-use programs that can all run on Besmo.

Besmo use


Besmo can help some social problems that people have with their cell phones like:

Moving smartphones far from your bed when you’re falling in sleep because the light from backlit devices can seriously affect sleep behaviors.

Bringing a cell phone closer when it’s ringing which will help avoid the anxiety felt when a cell phone is lost or hard to access.

Keeps the user from becoming a smombie; a “smombie” (a combination of “smartphone” and “zombie”) is a walking person using a smartphone and not paying attention as they walk, possibly risking an accident.


Besmo can remind you to take your medicines and the times you should take them. It will alert you of doctor appointments and possibly, in the worst case, call 911.


Besmo can be on high alert when you are not. It will ring, sound an alarm and send a notification to your phone if you are away from home. In worst cases, it can call 911 if an intruder breaks in or a disaster happens.

Also, it can take a photo or video of what is happening and send it to the cloud so if it gets damaged, your data is safe.

Besmo is the perfect friend for your dog to keep them entertained.

It is important to keep pets active by getting them involved in various physical activities. We offer the perfect robot toy which would keep your dog active and in a good mood. Dogs go into depression if they are lethargic and lack physical movement. With the quality toy robot that we offer, they stay active both mentally and physically.

Buy a Besmo today and see how it can change your life.