Besmani Services

We offer a variety of technological services to the customers. Our team is comprised of talented software developers, artificial intelligence experts, web designers and robotics experts who create cutting edge solutions for customers:

·         Robots and Robot toys

The quality designers who work for us develop a variety of robots using advanced technical infrastructure. Our robots can aid you with meal/ medicine taking, physical exercise performance, and become an instrumental part of converting your home into a smart home.

·         Website Development

We build interactive websites using the latest technological platforms. Our competent designers and exceptional developers work extremely hard to satisfy customers in every way.

·         Applications and Software

We have an experienced team of software programmers. These technical experts develop custom interactive software applications according to client requirements.

·         E-Commerce and Automation

If you are looking to get a professional e-commerce platform developed to expand business activities, Besmani is an excellent choice for you! We have the competency to develop state of the art e-commerce applications.

·         Systems for Businesses

Our expert team develops processes and systems for businesses. We offer quality software and hardware services to multiple clients for this purpose.

·         R&D and Industrial Development

We are continuously engrossed in creating new 2D and 3D designs.  Our company can also help you with quality industrial designs and production processes.


We convert your idea Into a reality.

Besmani is a design and technology company which focuses on designing robots for all purposes. Besmani is able to design multipurpose robots with its skilled specialist.

Besmani is also working on art and graphic design which is mixing with technology makes a new door for future of robotics. Technology beside of art can make a new type of robots who able to do multifunction job in beautiful shape.